27 November 2024 • Melbourne


Invest in our Brains: Invest in our Future


Invest in our Brains: Invest in our Future

How can we invest in our brains to thrive as a society?

Our brains hold the key to our individual and collective futures. Having a healthy brain and a toolbox of cognitive skills at the ready, ensures we are ready for whatever the future may bring.

Thanks to advances in science and technology, we can now see our brains like never before, enabling us to understand more about ourselves and our potential.

The Brain Capital Summit will reimagine a future where our brains matter most. Brain Capital is the cumulative value of our brain health and brain skills. By proactively prioritising the brain, we can unleash a new era of human flourishing.

Imagine future brains that are equipped to better meet the challenges of misinformation, anxiety, addiction or ADHD from the get-go? Where we give individuals the scaffolding they need to prevent derailment at critical junctures? We invite you to attend the inaugural Brain Capital Summit to discuss strategies for maximising brain health by identifying the drivers that we can influence—from what we eat to how we work and learn to where and how we live. The Summit will bridge the gaps between schools of thought and spark transdisciplinary approaches to proactively reduce the risks in our workplaces and our communities that do not serve our brains well.

The international Brain Capital framework is leading the charge for countries and organisations to prioritise the brain in all that we do, unlocking the potential of each and every individual. The Summit is an opportunity for us all to get out of our lanes to develop deep systems change. Our collective well-being and future prosperity depends on our ability to treat, nurture and care for those with neurological disorders and mental health conditions and unlock the potential of each and every brain.

Brain Capital Summit 2024

Wednesday 27 November 2024
9:00am – 5:00pm
followed by drinks and networking

Carlton Football Club Function Centre
IKON Park, 400 Royal Parade
Carlton North VIC

Cost: $440 per ticket
(50% discount for for-purpose organisations)
*Prices include GST

The speaker line-up features academics, investors, government, for-purpose and industry leaders including:

Sheryl Batchelor

Sheryl Batchelor

CEO, Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation

Sheryl Batchelor

Quazi Haque

Chief Medical Officer, Elysium Healthcare & Global Mental Health & Brain Science CoP Lead, Ramsay Healthcare
Sheryl Batchelor

Michael Hogan

Convenor, Thriving Qld Kids Partnership
Sheryl Batchelor

Jo-An Occhipinti

Associate Professor, Brain and Mind Centre, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney
Co-Director, Mental Wealth Initiative

Why attend the Brain Capital Summit?

The Brain Capital Summit will convene leaders across sectors to proactively imagine a brain-led economy.

Innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, practitioners, educators, policymakers, industry and government leaders will connect and explore brain capital’s transformative potential. The Summit will explore:

  • How can investing in brains increase productivity?
  • Improving brain health at scale
  • Creating work environments that support optimal brain health and well-being
  • Connecting the dots between research, industry and technology
  • Understanding the impact of social, economic, and natural environments on our brains
  • Investing in brains: exploring innovative investment models in brain health
  • What are the settings needed to optimise brain health across the lifespan: from homes to communities?
  • Breakthroughs in brain health science and neurotech on the horizon
  • Facilitating public-private partnerships and international collaborations to boost Brain Capital
  • How can Australia leverage our comparative advantage in neuroscience and neurotech to unlock the potential of our brains?

If you are interested in a society where the true measure of success lies in the collective strength and health of our brains, we encourage you to join us in Melbourne for the Australian Brain Capital Summit 2024!

When we prioritise our brains, we are investing in a future where every individual can thrive.

An amazing brainstrust is guiding The Brain Capital Summit program.

Michael Berk

Michael Berk

Jane Burns

Jane Burns

Harris Eyre

Harris Eyre

With the support of

Brain Capital Alliance
Baker Institute - Center for Health and Biosciences
Brain and Mind Centre
Silver Futures

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